1. after a month+ of a very weird friendship w one of my best friends/roommates, tensions have escalated
  2. my apartment has all these rules that I can do on a good day and don't give a fuck about on a bad day
    for example: everyone sweeping once a week. That's 4 times a week our entire apartment is swept. My day is Tuesday. I didn't want to sweep at 1 am but now I'm not contributing to the team.
  3. I am homesick and might go to MN this weekend or might not; the answer remains unclear
    I am really bad with ambiguity in the future, particularly when it involves something important to me like my parents
  4. I haven't been to Zumba since last Tuesday and haven't slept enough the last few days
    sleep and exercise are so fucking important yadda yadda why am I not doing them???
  5. falling behind in terms of how ready I am for three midterms
    Paper due Saturday, paper due Monday, exam next Thursday
  6. room is messy
    thus, stressful
  7. I could've swept my apartment or cleaned my room in the time I took to make this list
  8. why am I still awake
    planning to publish this but then maybe delete it in the morning?!