I first wrote about this anticipated future nostalgia-- the melancholy you feel when you know you will some day feel nostalgic about something-- in this list: WHY I FELT NOSTALGIC TONIGHT. It's back.
  1. My sister is visiting me
    She and I go to college in different states, she's still on winter break and is staying with me for the long weekend.
  2. I'm in my college apartment, cleaning up my kitchen
    I made food for the week and dinner for tonight. I cooked fresh vegetables from my lovely local grocery store and made rice and ate up leftovers.
  3. She is sitting on my couch, on her phone, wrapped in a blanket.
    She is beautiful and thoughtful and sleepy.
  4. We're listening to Spotify and not talking, just existing between these two rooms.
  5. I'm aware there is more homework to be done but I'm cleaning up my kitchen and washing dishes by hand and being deliberate about what I do.
  6. I exist for me and for her right now, just to be here.
  7. Some day it will probably be harder to visit each other and our time might not be spent like this.
    just sitting, not speaking. In the future there will be other people, crazy to think, but someday husbands and children-- far away, but a reality we will eventually encounter.
  8. All this is definitely influenced by the fact that we went to the ER last night bc we thought she might have appendicitis.
    Don't worry! She's okay. No appendix issues. But a long time at the ER late last night.
  9. But even without that trip to the ER, this moment feels sacred and precious and fleeting.
    She gets on a bus tomorrow, I have a packed day, busy week, very full school schedule always.
  10. It's so cold outside
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    But we are safe and warm.
  11. to sisters and deep appreciation for the smallest moments
  12. here is a pic of us from this fall
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  13. here is us when we were small and were reading the same book at the same time
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  14. 👩‍❤️‍👩