a running tally of reflections
  1. the people in charge of knowing things you need to know sometimes don't know those things
  2. adults don't get their adult jobs by proving they are good at running meetings
    often they are not
  3. wanting to become fluent in another language is not the same thing as wanting to study literature in that language
    majoring in that language usually means the latter
  4. being generous has its rewards, but so does acting only in your self interest
    a balancing act beyond compare
  5. if your part time student job is stressing you out more than your homework, QUIT
    your primary job in college is ***school*** so find something to complements that without adding way too much additional stress
  6. self care is just as important as taking care of other people around you
    eventually pouring all your energy into the external world will wear you out and leave nothing for yourself. That's scary and dangerous. Take the time to treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend. Be kind to yourself. (and stay tuned for a self care list in the near future)