the good, the strange, the weepy
  1. Cash registers working at a glacial pace
    Made the line go so slowly and the conversation w customers who don't want to talk even more awkward than usual. They just want their morning coffee, not a 2 minute long session of everyone staring at their feet and being totally stuck bc of malfunctioning technology
  2. Visit from the health inspector
    Came to inspect the coffee shop. Who even decides to be a health inspector when they grow up? What career path do you take? It was super busy at the shop and then suddenly everyone was cleaning something and washing our hands twice as much as usual. [we did pass the health inspection, thank you very much]
  3. Office hours outside
    With the professor I know best at this school. Who asked me to come to office hours bc he had noticed I was off/unfocused in class last week and was worried about me. We had a really good talk, sitting on the grass outside in the sun. It was very admissions-brochure material, but was also an über sincere and honest human interaction w a professor who cares about me and around whom I feel comfortable enough to cry so that was cool.
  4. Gave a presentation on self care
    I lead a discussion on self care, courtesy of a request from @maira for her very cool group on our campus. It was amazing. I remembered some things I'm good at (leading discussion, making people feel comfortable, being honest and frank about my personal experiences, making people laugh) and reveled in the feeling of real talk with people who cared about each other. Felt / still feel very proud of myself for this one. Hoping to make a self care list soon with my thoughts.
  5. Actually focused for a short time
    School is hard when you think about the people in your life all the time, so I'm trying to separate my study and my social and I managed to actually do that for a time tonight. It was good. I'll try to keep doing it more / better as time goes on. People > papers, but I don't need to be taking care of someone every moment of my day.
  6. Ended the night laughing really hard w a good friend