1. A customer at the coffee shop appreciating our tip cups
    "Shop Dog Fund? I think that's hilarious!"
  2. Wearing warm/woolen tights
    it is possible to wear skirts/dresses during the winter and makes me feel so cozy
  3. I love this emoji, think it's super useful / ubiquitous, and may end up making a longer list about it some day
  4. "There's no such thing as bad weather, only improper clothing choices" --my best childhood babysitter
    Being properly bundled up while it's snowing makes it possible to appreciate how beautiful winter can be without suffering at the same time
  5. My roommate confessing that he had bad dreams and asking me for a hug
    Being able to be reassuring and knowing that he sees me as a place of comfort and hugs was really sweet
  6. Coming home for break
    I'm lucky to love my family and live close enough that going home is a legitimate possibility. Being picked up from the airport by both of my wonderful, goofy parents was really nice.
  7. Making a pie this morning with my mama
    Dutch apple
  8. @list in general
    I was super into it when i first got the app about a month ago, then got distracted and slowed down on lists... But this week I've been crazy in love with the app all over again!
  9. Getting this list request from @stars!
    Getting a request from someone I don't know IRL is a new list app achievement for me and made me SO happy