it's been a weird day here in Chicago. how was your Monday? what made it good? I'll start, but please add your own ✨[edit: feel free to add suggestions even if you're seeing this after Monday is over!]
  1. going over to a good friend's house when I needed to get out of my apartment
    @oliviadh and I ate dinner together and talked and I took a break from everything else I was doing today
  2. emails and a phone call w my parents
  3. my 3yr old niece makes up songs with catchy melodies and choruses and performs them without any inhibition for me.
    "Dance Like A Princess" was the title of tonight's punk rocker-esque performance. It was a head banger tbh, lowkey subversive for the princess genre. (She also sang something based on Wildest Dreams that she said was better than Taylor Swift's)
    Suggested by @maira
  4. Hanging out with @louisa_rd and her roommates and going to Pilsen to get tacos and then making up new unlikely idioms that should become part of our everyday vocabulary, ie: "someone sure mixed up the salt and pepper shakers today"
    Suggested by @milena
  5. I took some much needed alone time downtown at the Christmas market before coming back to campus and talking to the best roommate ever ❤️❤️
    Suggested by @ellenh