ty for the great request, @JennyJLee! took so long bc I wanted to make it really good. might add to this more later as other things come to mind. felt good to write this in contrast to my last list ✨
  1. My dad using his pointer and middle fingers to make little dancing legs and singing along in a fake falsetto/yodeling kind of way
  2. The video with the orangutan and magic trick which I have previously linked with a Bad Link™ so here is a good one: https://youtu.be/rNWPqfCJDnc
  3. High-speed texting about people in the library very near to where me/my friends are sitting
    a la "omg look at this frat kid who is definitely watching me hand you a tampon right now;" shoutout to @maira and @julianna for these memories, may it happen many times again
  4. This Buzzfeed list about things that are Too Smol: http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/send-them-back#.bcQaN9gQQ
    snake? more like snk.
  5. My school's two improv groups when they perform their shows
    s/o to @petermoller, @milena, @crumb 4 dis one
  6. This Clickhole quiz that everyone on this app should probably take: http://www.clickhole.com/quiz/we-can-determine-which-state-youre-just-way-you-an-1908
    "pants" is just an inherently funny word/concept
  7. Working at my coffee shop and having fun interactions w regular customers
    Just a simple conversation while I get someone's coffee usually results in joking around and laughter which is really good and important. I've made two lists about how much I ❤️ this job: BEST PARTS OF WORKING AT A STUDENT COFFEE SHOP and GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED AT WORK TODAY
  8. Babies laughing
    Any babies any time laughing for any reason