I have a paper to write & it is unfortunately not on a very interesting subject
  1. Changed my desktop picture
    to a picture of my family from this summer when we were dressed up going to a play. everyone is sunny and happy and it's warm outside.
  2. Checked my parents' email account
    they have a joint account that I helped them set up-- it's where all family-related emails go. Once in a while I check it to stay in the loop on extended relatives' updates and neighborhood gossip.
  3. Stayed at an event longer than necessary
    it was super great to color with you, @maira and @carolinehutt10, but I should've skedaddled far earlier than when I did
  4. Checked everything that could ever give me a notification
    Twitter, Facebook, both of my email accounts, @list (many times), my texts, Snapchat
  5. Spontaneously fell in love w someone sitting across from me in the library
    classic crush procrastination technique
  6. Spent a significant time trying to take a picture of cute library guy without him noticing
  7. Made this list
    can I just write my paper here?