taking submissions for a better word than "nostalgia" to describe the feeling of melancholy when experiencing something you know you someday will feel nostalgic about
  1. I’m sitting in my school library the saturday night before finals week
  2. despite it being past 10 pm, the library is mostly full
  3. everyone is silent
  4. people are tapping their feet
  5. people are nodding their heads intently to their music
  6. people are scratching their heads, frowning, pursing their lips, squinting at their computer screens
  7. in some ways this is a scene from the future
  8. we are all plugged into our little machines and living our own little lives
  9. it doesn’t help that this particular library looks like a giant space station
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  10. on the other hand this feels like what College is supposed to BE
    like this is the vibe the admissions office wants to capture in a bottle and send to their prospective students
  11. we are all studying
  12. we are all trying really hard to learn
  13. to read and write; to produce material
  14. to ensure success, to complete the course, to prove ourselves
    despite knowing that our self-worth is not based on our grades
  15. I feel a deep sense of care for all of these other people
  16. we’re still very young
  17. we’re probably all pretty confused about basically everything
  18. and we’re all trying really hard to do the work that’s been put before us
  19. and no one is making a noise
  20. and walking into the library at 10 pm is not a big deal
  21. because we all gotta do what we gotta do to get this done
    and that's what we're doing