An ongoing list as new information will undoubtedly be uncovered.
  1. Heartbreak. Complete and utter heartbreak is my first feeling.
    I was woken up at 6:30am this morning to my mother telling me the news.
  2. Although it is distressing news for everybody, stories as such hit very close to home.
  3. The first question that goes through my mind (and presumably everyone else's) was this an act of terror?
    Unfortunately in our day in age, this is a very realistic outcome
  4. As the news reports have been flooding in and it seems (as of present) that the plane has crashed over the Mediterranean Sea, all of the different scenarios that training tries to prepare you for runs through your mind.
  5. I have nothing but the upmost respect for the crew members that were on board, as I know whatever was happening up there, their passengers safety will have always remained their top priority.
  6. Since the news has broken I've surprisingly had a lot of comments regarding why I would choose to do this voluntarily as a job.
    And I have a few points I would like to quickly make
  7. Yes, our day to day business is to serve the public tea and coffee and ensure you have a happy flight.
  8. But our priority is to ensure your safety is guaranteed and we do jobs every day to prevent anything that could hinder that.
  9. I still personally regard flying as the safest mode of transport.
    Yes, it is on the news every time something happens, but this is because it is such a rarity, it equals big news.
  10. Whilst writing this the Egyptian aviation minister has released a statement:
    "We do not know the cause of what led to this plane disappearing... Stop making theories, it's too early to know what happened"
  11. And on that note, as of current, I leave my sincerest thoughts and well wishes to everyone on board and their family at this time.