After visiting the north end of the Isle of Skye quite a lot to visit family, here is my list of the best things to see! (All photos taken by me)
  1. Quiraing
    Other worldly views of fantastical landscapes, look out for the table, needle & prison. You might recognise it from many films & tv including Macbeth & the upcoming BFG
  2. Old man of storr
    Is it a rock? No, its the Old Man of Storr! Climb up to it for great views over to Raasay & the mainland, just magical!
  3. Fairy Glen
    Will you spot a fairy? Perhaps but only if you believe! You'll definitely see where they live though with small hillocks, lots of hiding places & a lake, what more could a fairy want?
  4. Ferry to the Outer Hebrides
    Take the ferry to the outer isles for empty sandy beaches, stone circles, brochs, amazing landscapes & people
  5. Rha waterfall, Uig
    Go after heavy rainfall to see this tucked away gem of a waterfall in full flow & you won't be dissapointed
  6. Kilmuir Cemetery
    In a beautiful yet bleak setting, looking out across the Minch see Flora McDonalds Monument and lots of other interesting graves & their stories; from boulders & soldiers to unfinished carvings and the fashion designer Steve McQueen
  7. Rubha Hunish
    Walk past the abandoned village of Erisco towards the coastguard hut which is now a bothy, then scramble down onto the headland to spot whales, seals and seabirds nesting on the cliffs & stacks of this northernmost tip of the Isle of Skye
  8. Kilt rock
    Grab an astonishing view of Skyes amazing geological layers at Kilt rock and marvel at the waterfall plunging into the sea below
  9. Ellishadder cafe
    Have a yummy lunch here, don't forget to try the scottish crowdie cheese, its scrumptious!
  10. Staffin
    Spot dinosaur footprints on the beach & walk over to the Columba cafe & residential centre
  11. Glenn Hinnisdal
    Go up from the road, through the newly planted forest to find eagles if you're lucky or meander down by the river to the sea
  12. Portree
    See the cute multicoloured houses in the harbour -where you can eat fish & chips if the seagulls don't get them first! Stock up on supplies, visit the Skyeworks gallery for local handmade crafts & in August don't miss the Highland Games!
  13. Dunvegan castle & woods
    Seat of the MacLeod clan, full of history & beautiful gardens. Don't miss the seal trip! Also do the woodland walk from the new church to the old church ruin- go in autumn to see vast displays of amazing mushrooms & funghi!
  14. Coral beach & seals
    See the seals swimming, playing & sun or probably cloud bathing in Loch Dunvegan on the way to beautiful beaches made from tiny pieces of coral.
  15. Neist point
    Spot whales & seals from this lighthouse perched on an outcrop of rock with waves crashing just beneath you. You can even stay in the lighthouse!
  16. Raasay
    If you've got time don't miss the small island of Raasay where you can climb an extinct volcano, Dun Caan or why not walk Calum's handmade road!