Had a great reading month this March; A Japanese girl with leprosy, some D.H. Lawrence plays, gothic Austen, Bronte love & death, Bloody Shakespeare & life on Mars
  1. The Girl I Left Behind, Shusaku Endo
    Quick read with some good ideas about being trapped in your body & mind
  2. The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, DH Lawrence
    After seeing 'Husbands & Sons' a play at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, UK which combined 3 of DH Lawrence's plays set in Mining towns, I thought I'd read them.
  3. The Daughter-in-Law, DH Lawrence
  4. A Collier's Friday Night, DH Lawrence
  5. Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen
    Slowly reading through Austen this is my fourth; Catherine is a different heroine than usual Austen, has strong opinions, wild imagination & loyalty, could have done with more time at the Abbey as it's quite short.
  6. Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
    Haven't read any Bronte before so thought I better begin here. Took a while to get into & I nearly gave up so I decided to watch the Tom Hardy TV adaptation to figure out what was going on! So glad I didn't give up as it turned out amazing & is now a favourite!
  7. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
    Got this out the library, enjoyed it but not as much as Wuthering Heights!
  8. King Lear, Shakespeare
    I'm going to see the play next month so thought I'd read it first, no doubt Shakespeare was a genius but hard to tell what's going on with lots of daughters & dukes
  9. The Martian, Andy Weir
    Quick easy enjoyable read but not as good as the film