Calendar linocut prints

Throughout 2016, each month I created a linocut print so at the end of the year I would have created a calendar for the next year! Here they all are:-
  1. 2017
    Linocut block of the calendar cover
  2. January
    Spotting the Quadrantids Meteor Shower
  3. February
    Lanterns for Chinese New Year (although in 2017 it's in January, doh!)
  4. March
    Jumping rabbits
  5. April
    Daffodils for spring
  6. May
    Maypole dancing
  7. June
    Tennis season is hotting up (although Wimbledon is in July in 2017)
  8. July
    Ice cream by the seaside
  9. August
    Birthday cake time!
  10. September
    We visited NYC & saw Lady Liberty!
  11. October
    Happy Halloween with a Haunted House!
  12. November
    Fireworks for Bonfire Night
  13. December
    Snowy Mountains & skiing