Favourite Exhibitions seen this year

I love art, history & stories so I visit a lot of exhibitions & museums, I was going to try and list all that I visited but I can't remember them all, so here's my favourites:
  1. Hilma Af Klint at Serpentine, London
    Beautiful, mystic abstracts from the Mother of Abstract Art; a lot of her work predates Kandinsky, so she is one of the first to have created completely abstract paintings.
  2. Nikolai Astrup at Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
    Amazingly large woodcuts & paintings of beautiful Norway
  3. A favourite Rembrandt at Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
    Whenever I get to the Dulwich Picture Gallery, after seeing the visiting exhibition I always stop in to see this man and swoon over that grey background!
  4. Maria Lassnig at Tate Liverpool
    I'm still thinking about this portrait, it captures the feeling of existing without freedom, in a bubble, through a window when everything else is happening outside you harrowingly perfectly
  5. Stanley Spencer at the Hepworth
    I did a uni project on his chapel at Burghclere so always seek him out when he comes around, so much detail.
  6. Winifred Nicholson in Cumberland
    Travelled up to Kendal specifically to see this & it was powerfully & quietly amazing, such a simple subject of flowers on windowsills yet convey the fragility, agony & beauty of life
  7. Beyond Limits at Chatsworth, Derbyshire
    Sculpture in Chatsworth's Gardens, including this dramatic D'Chirico
  8. The Met, NYC
    My first time at the Met & I was blown away, so much to see, gasping with wonder in every room, I only had a couple of hours so was nearly running trying to see as much as I could
  9. Georgia O'Keefe
    Big flowers yes, but so much more & the black & white photos have you a peek behind the scenes.
  10. Louise Bourgeois at Switch House, Tate Modern, London
    Louise Bourgeois's work never fails to excite me: she always seems fearless doing exactly what she wants to express through sculpture, drawing & text. I love the small room of macquettes & models, I love seeing work in its progress stage, a lot of the time it's so much fresher & raw so gets the point across much better than final work
  11. Queen's House, Greenwich
    Where Queen Elizabeth I was born & the amazing Armada Portrait now hangs (which was saved for the nation through donations)
  12. Strange & Familiar at Manchester Art Gallery
    Most recent exhibition I've seen, detailing photos of Britain taken by visitors; here's Candida Hofer's Liverpool from the 60's