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Wait, don't answer that
  1. I always have to wait for my car to be serviced. Nobody's standing by to pick me up so I can leave it.
  2. Getting a pedicure by yourself sucks, which is why I've only done it twice, out of desperation.
  3. I always get end up with safe boring eyeglasses because hey I can't see myself in them so I can't take chances.
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Filled with all the name brands I love
  1. Butterball Turkey; don't do anything weird to it, just follow the directions they provide. (Remember to thaw it out ahead of time and remove the plastic bags of ick)
  2. Pillsbury crescent Rolls; there's an image on my family's crest that looks just like a crescent roll.
  3. Asti Spumante; there's better brands, but you can always find this one.
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  1. 1.
    LOST---I've watched it a couple of times and still don't understand lots of things. Plus, Jack!
  2. 2.
    Outlander---infinitely re-watchable. Plus, Jamie!
  3. 3.
    The Walking Dead---all those amazing characters whacking zombies. Plus, Rick!
There are so many, but here's the foremost
  1. My son's PSP; he was getting bad grades, so I hid the thing. Still lost after 4+ years
  2. The key to my hope chest; fortunately, the hinges tore off the top, so I guess I still have hope.
  3. The goddamn charger for my Bluetooth headphones
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