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Here's mine -- I wanna know yours! Suggest your own and we'll add it to the list to see how rad we are.
  1. Booked two different jobs that will take me and the fam on some travel adventures. ✈️
We're planning more ukulele videos! Suggest a song here if you have a request.
  1. What Are You Doing New Years Eve
An almost-one-year old with a stuffy nose might as well be the end of the world. Here's what's running through my head as I'm sitting here rocking and singing with him, going on hour two.
  1. Does he have a fever?
    I don't want to turn the light on to check.
  2. Are his eyes closed?
    Or is he faking sleep and the second I move he's gonna start screaming again?
  3. I was totally gonna get 8 hours of sleep tonight.
    Make it seven. Wait. Six.
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I do it. And I know you do it too.
  1. Use dry shampoo.
  2. Wear a hat.
  3. Wear a hair scarf.
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Just me and the rest of the basics, getting comfy in our basicness.
  1. I like Starbucks, okay?
    But just the tea...
  2. I take foot selfies when I see a cool floor. And I post them on Instagram.
  3. Mean Girls forever.
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It's way more complicated than I ever thought it'd be, y'all. And it takes a good while to make good content. If you're one of the seven people interested in knowing what goes into being a DIY blogger, this is for you.
  1. Create a Concept
    This can mean an official brainstorming sesh or just a bolt of lightning that hits when you're cooking dinner. Either way, you need an idea.
  2. Refine It, Source It, Possibly Test It
    Most ideas are half-baked and you've gotta sort them out. Once you think it might actually work, you have to source materials to make it, style it, and photograph it. Then if you're really dedicated, you test it once before you shoot. (Cut to me, looking the other direction and pretending I ALWAYS test first...)
  3. Make It While You Shoot It
    Any good tutorial has great step by step images. So while you're making your project, you shoot every step along the way (in great light, in a clean environment).
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  1. 1st Grade
  2. 2nd Grade
    Drawing a blank. Possibly Cinderella, but first-act Cinderella when she's still in rags.
  3. 3rd Grade
    Snow White
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Sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words.
  1. 1.
    Always top of my list. The little golden heart is like my personal emoji icon.
  2. 2.
    Mostly because more often than not there's something to laugh-cry about.
  3. 3.
    My mom has taken to using this combo when describing her grandchildren (one girl and two boys). I think it's the cutest thing possibly ever.
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