My Process for Creating a Blog Diy Tutorial, Start to Finish

It's way more complicated than I ever thought it'd be, y'all. And it takes a good while to make good content. If you're one of the seven people interested in knowing what goes into being a DIY blogger, this is for you.
  1. Create a Concept
    This can mean an official brainstorming sesh or just a bolt of lightning that hits when you're cooking dinner. Either way, you need an idea.
  2. Refine It, Source It, Possibly Test It
    Most ideas are half-baked and you've gotta sort them out. Once you think it might actually work, you have to source materials to make it, style it, and photograph it. Then if you're really dedicated, you test it once before you shoot. (Cut to me, looking the other direction and pretending I ALWAYS test first...)
  3. Make It While You Shoot It
    Any good tutorial has great step by step images. So while you're making your project, you shoot every step along the way (in great light, in a clean environment).
  4. Shoot Product Photos
    After you've got the thing made, you have to make it look pretty. Style a scene (or a few) and take a mess of photos. Of course, this means you better be handy with a DSLR, or have a photographer who shares your vision who can take snaps for you.
  5. Edit Edit Edit
    Now that you have a zillion images, open Lightroom and Photoshop and make yourself comfortable. Sometimes editing images takes the longest. Crop, straighten, enhance, and make 'Em look pretty.
  6. Write Your Copy
    Now's the part where you actually write! Compose your blog post, and make sure it's not only catchy and in your own voice but also has complete, thorough instructions for your DIY tutorial.
  7. Schedule or Publish
    I like to schedule my posts to go live early in the morning. Maybe you live on the edge and publish as soon as you're done. Either way, get it out the door.
  8. Get It Seen
    You're not done! Pin it, tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, tell your neighbor about it -- whatever it takes to get eyes on that baby.