Round 2 of Fall TV season premieres

Here's my quick recap of the second week of Fall premieres, and a first week premiere I was finally able to catch up on. What did you watch this past week?
  1. Tuesday, Drunk History - Comedy Central @10:30
    Drunk people talking about the history of things. What can go wrong? I love this show, but I find myself only following one story before falling asleep. No good.
  2. Wednesday, Younger - TV Land @10pm
    What's going to happen with that love triangle? Is she finally going to tell Kelsey (Hilary)? Are we going to see more of Lauren? - She's my fave!
  3. Wednesday, Impastor - TV Land @10:30pm
    It's been a while since we've seen the former Lex Luther, Michael Rosenbaum, Smallville, on TV. Or at least I have. He's always been good in my book, I want to see where this role takes him.
  4. Last week's catch-up pick: Pitch - Fox Thursday,@9pm
    Two episodes in and this show is definitely a keeper. If you're not hooked already don't miss out. I wasn't going to give it a chance but it has me now. It's so well made, the acting is great, and it's a about an awesome young woman in Baseball! It's so good, people have been left wondering if Ginny Baker is the real deal and if this is just based on her life!?! What are you waiting for? GO! WATCH IT!