#TBT Summer is over 😭

To commemorate the end of summer fun and begging of cool, crisp fall. Here's a short version of my awesome summer in photos
  1. Graduation day! I walked the plank this day.
  2. My besties came over a bunch of times to hang out. Love them, miss them.
  3. Birthday fun with the best ppl on my life.
  4. Celebrating love and enjoying a nice reunion with friends.
  5. Finishing Capstone and grad school with these fabulous ladies.
  6. Waking up to this snugglebum.
  7. Acting like a fool in Cabo San Lucas and LA with my best friend.
  8. Boating around Boston.
  9. Pooling around with my best little cousin.
  10. Food and fun with great friends.
  11. A beautiful day spent in Salem. Unfortunately with the wrong shoes. 😑