What I'm watching. Fall Season Premiere's Week 3

Things pick right back up into gear as we begin the third week of season premieres. October brings us Westworld and Shameless, as well as the abundance of The CW shows (including former CBS hero, Supergirl) What are you looking forward to seeing this week?
  1. Sunday, Shameless - Showtime @9pm
    The Showtime/Netflix (I can say that right, seeing as everyone recently fell in love with this show because of Netflix) is back and the Gallagher's are up to no good - AS ALWAYS. Let's not forget the whole sister-wives situation Veronica, Kevin and Svetlana have going on.
  2. Sunday, Westworld - HBO @9pm
    One word: Trippy. Roomie and I watched this and couldn't be more confused yet excited about what's going to happen with this show. I want to say more but NO SPOILERS. Next time.
  3. Monday, Timeless - NBC @10pm
    Honestly, I just want to hear her say that they're Nurse Jackie, Dr. Dre from the General Hospital.
  4. Tuesday, The Mindy Project - Hulu
    I'll be staying up late Monday for this. I've been waiting for too long.
  5. Tuesday, The Flash - The CW @8
    I just finished season 2 yesterday and am excited because i've been able to avoid spoilers all summer. Can't wait to see how things turn out in this Flashpoint universe.
  6. Tuesday, No Tomorrow - The CW @9
    Who doesn't want to live there life like there's no tomorrow. I know I do, and try sometimes. But for now, I'll live vicariously through Evie and Xavier. For however long it lasts.
  7. Wednesday, Arrow -The CW @8
    Another Superhero obsession for me, if you haven't already noticed. However, I feel like it somehow tied into the Legends of Tomorrow story line somewhere and I'm not fully up to date with them. I could be wrong.