Super into this week

A wave of depression hit hard this week, these things worked better than my Prozac.
  1. Sprite Zero
    With grenadine duh. Ya ya diet sodas are bad, eat rocks
  2. American Spirits
    I had coupons 🙌🏼
  3. 90 day fiancé
    When the bfs away the trash will play! "You jus heer for a free pass to amurica?"
  4. Stumptown cold brew coffee ice cream
    All the v favorite things in one! #latenightbingeeating
  5. IKEA
    Honestly it had been too long.
  6. (Un)necessary projects
    Dresser styling nirvana.
  7. #3fictionalchatacters
    Who doesn't love this self indulgent crap.