Note that I live in Canada and it's February. This restaurant, called RAW: Almond, was built on a frozen riverbank and was all wood benches covered with sheepskin and long communal tables and people sabering bottles of champagne and was completely awesome.
  1. The walkway into the restaurant.
  2. The table, before we were seated.
  3. First course: Egg tofu and shrimp
    Completely light-as-air fluffy tofu, deep-fried to perfection.
  4. Second course: Ox tongue
    So incredibly tender. With some sort of pilaf delicately flavoured with horseradish. A perfect complement.
  5. Third course: Truffle, crab, somen
    This picture was taken before the addition of the most flavourful vegetable broth you can imagine, which chef Ed Lam said took two days to prepare.
  6. Fourth course: Foie gras + duck rice
    Ok, foie gras. On its own, that's probably enough, right? But this was foie gras plus rice steamed in the broth made from the bones of the foie gras ducks, and then sautéed in duck fat. With a salade de rapee chaser.
  7. Dessert: Purple rice, mochi, satoimo
    Sweet rice flavoured with honey and topped with taro root cream. And mochi. Frankly, you had me at mochi. Mochi anything for life.