Much like Omar. Here's a list of things I'm entertaining as my 30th birthday approaches.
    Ugh. I want one so bad. This is my sister's.
  2. Seeing Hamilton in Chicago.
    I'll have to donate approximately nine pints of blood for a ticket, but it'll be worth it.
  3. Taking photography classes.
    I have an awesome camera and I love taking photos, but I want to get better.
  4. Getting off the Pill
    So scared. Been on it since I was 19. Who am I, even?
  5. Losing weight/figuring out my thyroid...
    Will this correspond with above?
  6. So I can start trying to have a kid.
    We're real good at that aunt/uncle life. And I'm ready for this lifestyle bomb.
  7. Fix up our 1950's house
    For us and for future kid(s).
  8. Strive to accept myself and others.
    Working on it and being an agent of happiness in my life and others.