30 Here

A month into 30. Made a list in May that talked about 30 Comin'. Let's chat.
    Luna. While I'm 99% certain that the family we adopted her from lied about how much she sheds (sooooooo much), she brightens my world with her snuggles.
    Last week, I saw a wonderful physician that specializes in women's internal medicine. She made a plan and we sprung into action. Blood Work, fatigue and other signs pointed to starting medication. After four years of waiting for a medical professional to confirm my symptoms, I'm (hopefully) headed down a path towards better health. And the meds are purple. 💊💊💊
  3. Started watching Portlandia.
    Seriously late to this, I know. Thank you Netflix.
  4. I haven't: gone off the pill, started photography classes or gotten Hamilton tickets. Yet.
  5. But: I feel more self-acceptance than I've felt in a long time. A combination of my husband's love, support from my family and friends, puppy snuggles and proper medication have made me recognize all I have to be thankful for.
  6. And if that is aging gracefully, I think I'm off to a good start.
  7. Even if Luna threw up and had a massive case of the runs all day.