Awesome things that happened & I'm that I'm truly grateful for this past year
  1. Became an aunt
    Holy bananas was this so amazing. I love this little guy and am so proud to be his godmother. Here he is, gumming on my thumb.
  2. Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary
    I feel so incredibly lucky to call this guy my partner. He's not crazy about pictures.
  3. Watched my husband work hard and get a championship ring
    He looks pretty good, walking around on the ice
  4. Started a digital network channel from absolute zero
    Yep, I did that and busted my ass and wanted to scream lots of days. But I learned a lot. Mostly about myself.
  5. Successfully drove across the country twice in our move. Woof.
    Saw this Chicago CTA bus in upper PA. Not in service.
  6. Watched a bunch of my friends get married, get dogs, have their first babies.
    We're aging but it's cool, because we're hitting our stride.
  7. Bought a house. Yes sir. No, you can't see it (yet).
  8. There's lots to look forward to in 2016. I hope this list serves as a reminder for me whenever I need it!