Into It - 2017

You know this drill.
  1. Biscoff Speculoos Cookies
    Airline cookies? No. Tea cookies? Yes. 🍪🍪🍪
  2. The Crown
    Yasss Queen
  3. Obedience School
    I hope it helps this darling face - I struggle with saying no.
  4. Founders Azacca IPA
    Holy. Heavens. This is my newest favorite beer.
  5. The perfect meditation on chasing dreams and soul mates
  6. My newest coloring book - making me want to hit 🇬🇧
  7. Sugar Lip Therapy
    Specifically the Advanced Therapy and Poppy shade
  8. WNYC lately
    Just throwing it all out there and it's helpful.
  9. Researching pregnancy 🤰
    Not pregnant yet. But giving it some long, hard thoughts. Pun intended.
  10. Plaid. And dressing like my coworker
  11. Yoga. Twice a week. Form mental clarity.
  12. Donations to Planned Parenthood
  13. Marching.
  14. Nasty women. (This is my sister)
  15. Marching. (This is my cousin, mom and second cousin)