A post-election referendum
  1. Drinking a lot of wine
    Kind of taking a carpe diem approach since the election: let's celebrate something every night and let's toast what we find positive in our days.
  2. Buying a lot of feminist apparel.
    Can't wait to wear it to work.
  3. Mentally curbing my excitement/fear of Thanksgiving
    I'm cooking (second time!) and am excited to host my parents, sister, brother in law and beloved neighbors. I fear that politics may ruin it. This is me last year, killing it:
  4. Walking the dog.
    She can be a terror for the first ten minutes, but it's become my favorite form of exercise
  5. Donating to Planned Parenthood.
    Direct donation to the Indiana/Kentucky chapter, and all the proceeds from the merch goes directly to PP
  6. Wrestling with my beliefs
    Raised Catholic. Work for a Catholic university. Feeling like a bad Catholic but a good human, since I refuse to deny people basic civil rights. Still...the guilt.
  7. Wondering about having my own babies
    Holy bananas, this is a scary time. The dog is exhausting. How will I be pregs? Will this presidency just see me as a piece of ass who got knocked up? I want paid parental leave, maternity and paternity. I don't want to raise kids in such a divided world. And yet....baby giggles.
  8. Does anyone have any advice?
  9. Any words of encouragement?
  10. I feel lucky that I'm just sort of marginalized, as a white straight woman in Indiana.
  11. But.
  12. I am low.
  13. I am discouraged.
  14. I am worried.