In no way do I claim to be a super fan of our tiny, purple, mystical wizard (my sister's words), but here are a few lessons I gleaned from his musical genius. Some straight from the lyrics.
  1. Act your age, not your shoe size.
    U can twirl with Prince or anyone else, woman. Mamas, Papas, anyone.
  2. Pretty girls can act and look tough.
    Ur face is jammin'? Yep.
  3. Life is just a party...
    Live it up while you can
  4. But parties weren't meant to last.
    Cherish every moment. Learning, growing, failing and succeeding is the greatest gift.
  5. Listen to your body tonight
    It'll help guide you and let you know if something's amiss.
  6. Breakfast Can Wait
    ....Before you do work in the kitchen, remember to enjoy the moments with your loved one 🍳
  7. Don't be anyone's weekend lover.
    Sloppy seconds you are not.
  8. Sometimes, just go for it.
    What've you got to lose, especially if it's Saturday night and you have enough gas? 🏎
  9. You can wear anything you want.
    Seriously. Put on a sick caftan or ruffled shirt with eggplant tuxedo, go outside and rock it.
  10. Demand respect from others.
    But only if you treat your fellow citizens of earth that way. Man, woman, it doesn't matter. We're all important and we all matter.
  11. Creativity comes in many forms
    Protect yours. Value yourself and what you bring/give to the world.
  12. Pleasure your partner. You'll get more pleasure that way.
    ....basically the entire discography.
  13. Don't deliberately cause anyone sorrow.
    Please, don't be an asshat. Or steal anyone from another. That's just cruel.
  14. The sounds When Doves Cry
    Yesterday. I seriously thought you would live forever. ☔️
  15. Rest in Peace.