Brown, shoulder length hair with the last of my summer blond highlights.
  1. A pretty regular forehead.
    It's just there.
  2. Weirdly small ears.
  3. Brown eyebrows that I've recently started enhancing with Benefit Gimme Brow. Game changer. 👀
    You look put together with minimal effort. My kinda jam.
  4. Brown eyes
  5. Average lashes
  6. Contacts and glasses, depends on the weather and my exercise plans
  7. Average nose
  8. Beautiful teeth.
    No joke. My current dentist told me this at least four times during my appointment last week.
  9. Depression and mild anxiety.
    I had a major depressive episode four years ago and have been on medication ever since. Therapy is on and off. Exercise and yoga really help.
  10. Hashimoto's disease
    Just went on medication a few months ago, and now Gigi Hadid is out there spreading the good word about thyroids. #trendsetter
  11. 34F
    It's a rack, friends.
  12. Curves and a little pooch.
    Not my dog. Just an enjoyment of cheese and wine
  13. A pen size scar on the pooch.
    Appendectomy gone awry
  14. Chicken legs
  15. Size 10 feet
  16. 5'7'' and shrinking
  17. 160-170 lbs
    Thyroid conditions normally keep you on your toes
  18. Teal Fitbit Charge and Navy/Gold Fossil Watch on my left wrist
    Sometimes with a bracelet or two
  19. Wedding band and engagement right on my left hand.
  20. Hair tie on my right wrist
  21. Grandmother's engagement ring on my right hand
    From 1927 🤗
  22. Usually earrings, Under Armour and boots.
  23. Never without my UA water bottle, headphones or Fresh lip balm.
  24. And sometimes a headset. Hey y'all.
  25. And here.
  26. And Fin.