When I talk about mental illness
  1. It runs in my family, just like astigmatism, heart disease and macular degeneration 👀
  2. I started with a new therapist three weeks ago
    Necessary, after 2 cross country moves in 4 years.
  3. She's been deploying mindfulness techniques in addition to talk therapy...
    It's been something I've been interested in and my sister is a big proponent of it.
  4. And it's starting to help me realize many things, first and foremost being: I am not my job.
  5. My work does not define me.
  6. Work is not the reason people love me.
  7. Work is not the reason people want to hang out with me.
  8. Work is not a picture I have saved on my phone wallpaper.
    It's these guys, FYI. My husband and our beloved nephew.
  9. The tone I was taking with myself was severely unhealthy.
  10. And I'm working on fixing that.
  11. People love me.
  12. I am worthy of that love.
  13. I have so many wonderful things to look forward to.
  14. And it's okay to have bad days. Because I am strong and capable.
  15. So if you need help and are thinking of talking to someone, my sincerest advice is: do it.
  16. You are worth it.