1. Lauren B.
    Flight attendant, brought him wings. Didn't embarrass herself too much, but that pun was dumb.
  2. Caila
    Left her boyfriend after seeing Ben on TV. I'm sure that conversation went well. Cuckoo!
  3. Jennifer
    Small business owner. I like the "Ben and Jenn" reminder. I would've taken it a step further and said "bennifer"
  4. Jami
    Canadian. What an effortless comedienne! Not.
  5. Samantha
    I kind of like her scratchy voice but I bet I wouldn't like it after 2 hours of nagging. They also played the "dopey music", even though she is a lawyer
  6. jubilee
    Most painful pre-rehearsed pick up line ever. Also that dress hurts my heart because it exists.
  7. Amanda
    So-cal mom actually seems normal. No cheesy pick up lines or gimmicks! No gimmick is the new gimmick!
  8. Lace
  9. Lauren r.
    Cops to social media stalking. Props.
  10. shushanna
  11. Leah
    That football thing was so awkward I am hiding under the covers right now.
  12. Joelle (Jojo)
    Unicorn head mask thing. I kinda respect how dorky it was.
  13. Lauren H.
    Annoying voice alert!!! Her bouquet "gimmic" was actually cute because it wasn't contrived. Unless she didn't actually catch the bouquet....in that case I hate it.
  14. Laura
    I'm liking the hair color/lipstick/blue dress combo. The nickname "red velvet" makes me uncomfortable.
  15. Mandi
    Token dopey weirdo music. Pollination joke not even close to funny.
  16. Haley & Emily
    Twins freak me out. But I don't mind them. Yet.
  17. Maegan
    I think she got lost in her way to the tractor pull. Thinking the horse has a chance at a rose for that silly dress stunt.
  18. Breanne
    Speechless on the bread thing.
  19. Izzy
    Where can I get me that onesie?
  20. Rachel
    When did this turn into a ball gown event?
  21. Jessica
    She seems truly nice and nervous and I can't say a snarky thing about her! She won't last.
  22. Tiara
    That's a real name? Is chicken enthusiast a profession? How tall is she? So many questions.
  23. Lauren (LB)
    Wicked cute. Like the pink dress and understated heels. Yay!
  24. Jackie
    My husband just said "what's a gerontologist"? 😂. The save the date was actually cute? I may be getting fatigues. Also ben's thumb is super long. SUPER LONG.
  25. Olivia
    Eyes, nose, lips, mouth. She is proud of her single dimple.