1. Teaching Zack (8) and Penny (7) some swear words, making them promise to not use them unless 100% appropriate (like when you stub your pinky toe)
    They are now little kids who regularly say shit and dammit (ill never teach them the F word after this)
  2. Not exposing them to enough cultural stuff. Penny asked me the other day what Chinese meant. (She was at least reading a graphic novel with Chinese Americans in it)
  3. Setting a precedent of too many christmas presents. Tough one to go back on.
  4. Letting Penny pick something (anything!) to do in lieu of a bday party. Overnight water park was noooot what I had in mind.
  5. Letting the kids sleep in my room because I can't get enough of how small they still are, but they're old enough for me to know they're nearly grown.