When you travel a lot, watching movies/tv, reading, and drinking become routine in-flight activities. Here are some new ideas, to pass the time, in our amazingly engineered and physics driven tin travel cans.
  1. Find the kid singing Frozen songs and sing along, preferably from your own seat (as you don't want to creep out a youngster and his/her parents). Your seatmates may join in. Harmonizing is optional.
  2. Make up challenge. Especially during bumpy flights. Challenge yourself to apply your best cat eye as the plane bounces from cloud to cloud. Work those fine motor skills! In the spirit of community, ask your neighbor if he/she would like one too.
  3. Create your own version of "Chopped" with your seat mates. What meal can you create with the transformative plane food/ingredients? Ask your neighbors to judge and stay true to the show format. Tears may ensue.
  4. Play your own version of Pokemon Go. Get up and get that blood flowing. A great way to make friends and get exercise on along flight.
  5. Teach your neighbors Euchre. The best card game ever!
  6. Collect your neighbors droll and offer it to he/she when they're awake