There are reasons why I was born when I was.
  1. Home appliances.
    No washboards for me thanks. And those early machines with the limb eating rollers that you fed your clothes through FOR HOURS, nope not happening.
  2. Hot water tanks
    These are a modern day convenience that is completely taken for granted. God bless the engineers that made them.
  3. Electric toothbrush and dental floss.
  4. Massage therapy by a RMT.
    Maybe not often but regularly.
  5. Mani/pedis
    Very regularly.
  6. Giving birth.
    Mine was the size of a small Thanksgiving turkey and made his appearance in under an hour, start to finish. Imagine that in your cabin waiting for help.
  7. High heels.
    Love wearing killer heels when the occasion necessitates.
  8. My bed.
    My perfect bed; complete with firm mattress, clean sheets (thank you laundry machine) and great pillow.
  9. Remote control gas fireplace.
    No smoke, no back-breaking axe wielding, no sweat!