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  1. 16yo - Bar Louie (hostess)
    Walked in the back one day to see one of the servers doing a line of cocaine right next to the tater tots.
  2. 16yo - Woodland Springs Swim Team (swim coach)
    Was told by many parents that I wasn't athletic enough to be a swim coach (I wasn't).
  3. 18yo - Boutique (sales associate)
    Worked with a woman that would drink Lime-a-ritas during her shift and tell me about when she used to do meth.
  1. An oddly shaped banana I got at work
  2. The sign that greeted me at the BMV at 8:30 on a Saturday morning while renewing my license
  3. A souvenir I got while in Arizona
  4. Individually wrapped apples at the Phoenix airport
  1. Presidents
  2. Poetry
  3. Shakespeare
  4. Bodies of water