Currently 19 weeks pregnant. Having issues with basic memory skills.
  1. Car keys
    I was looking for my car keys one morning, and could not find them anywhere. I checked on the hook, and it looked like my spare set with no house key. 5 minutes later, I asked Thomas if he'd seen my car keys, and he told me to check the hook. It was my keys.
  2. Purse
    This is kind of embarrassing. I was at SweetGreen for lunch with colleagues, and I got about 2 blocks away when I realized I didn't have my entire purse. I had left it on the chair when I got up.
  3. Business Trip
    I went on a trip for work, and completely forgot to tell my colleagues when I would be arriving. The day before, I was getting all these emails asking when I was showing up. Oops.
  4. Cell Phone
    On the way to the airport for the aforementioned business trip, I called an uber. He showed up while I was checking email on my blackberry. I realized that I left my iPhone at my house about 10 minutes after we left. Not only had I left it at home, I'd left it on the front steps of my house. Not even inside.