1. Split
  2. Rings
  3. A cure for wellness
    I'm already really excited about this one! I've watched all of the wellness videos and it seems so dark!
  4. Get out
    I love blumhouse productions
  5. Amityville: the awakening
    I hope it's good, the story behind this house is my favorite!
  6. Annabelle 2
    Loved the first one
  7. IT
    Not really looking forward to this one, I am terrified of clowns, but I am trying to conquer my fears of them. Idk how well it's gonna go, considering I watched a movie with killer clowns and was sick to my stomach the whole time. But I won't be watching this alone I know that
  8. Friday the 13th
  9. Insidious: chapter 4
    I got so EXCITED when I saw the teaser for this movie! I jumped out of my seat I was so happy!