1. They will never text back
    Even if the promise and text back the next day... It never lasts. They got what they wanted
  2. They got what they wanted
  3. They say sweet things to get what they want
  4. They MIGHT come back
    When you're famous or taken
  5. They never care
    Even if they know you get depressed, they still find away to send you over the edge to where you don't even want to be around family. If you're in the same friend group, then kiss those friends good bye cause they are only going to invite him and make a big deal out of you not coming over because he's there.
  6. Giphy
  7. Giphy
  8. But seriously I'm not okay.
    If you are reading this list... Please send me happy comments and if you made me smile and forget everything that has hurt me in my dating life than, well idk, you win... 😭💔