Inspired by @jonmichaelwxyz
  1. I actually like walking on the beach at sunset and at night
  2. If you want me to leave you alone buy me Dr.Pepper and Dill Pickle Chips... Or just Dr.pepper
    If he is a gamer or just annoyed with me
  3. I will annoy the hell out of you
  4. I love picnics
  5. I want to get married In April
    April 15th to be exact
  6. I love lace
  7. I will never leave you or cheat on you
  8. You will be the first die
  9. I will tell you to clean the kitchen
    Because boy it needs to be cleaned like yesterday!
  10. I want 1 child
    It has to be a girl! If I have a boy fine but I will resent you! (Because that means I have to think of a boy name)
  11. My bathroom time is my time
  12. Always chocolate