My own experience on it
  1. It gets better
    Time makes it better - the more year go past, the more you are able to focus on the fact that she was once alive and less on the fact that she was here.
  2. Feel what you feel, not what you "should" feel
    If the day doesn't make you emotional, don't feel obliged to feel emotional. I've come to realize that holidays (like Mother's day, Christmas, etc) create some emotional obligation. If you don't want to feel sad or cry, don't. If you do, cry it out.
  3. It's about you once had a mother, not about her passing.
    Easier said than done, but focus on what she was when alive. We tend to focus on the passing when we should focus on the wonderful things she did. Even the more awkward moments Mom made you go through can be awesome to remember. Try to focus on that!
  4. It's about all the mothers around you, not just yours.
    If you're a mom, celebrate your kids. Celebrate your grandmother. Celebrate your mommy friends. Celebrate your significant other's mom. Celebrate your "mom from another family". Celebrate TV moms. Celebrate the epicness that is being a mother overall!
  5. Don't feel the pressure.
    People will make social media posts. People will complain about their mothers. TV will have mother's day specials. Store will be full of mother's day gifts. Don't feel the pressure of it all - just understand others have their own mom experience and it has nothing to do with you. You have your own - live it.
  6. Finally, make your mom proud every day.
    Mother's day should be a recap of an everyday work to make your mom proud. Everyday is mother's day for me because she's with me everyday. I love you, mom, and will smile all day on Mother's day for having had you.