@dave deserves this list!
  1. Turn down service
    Before we go to bed, Dave lavenders the bed, open the bed and puts the humidifier on. A ready for sleep heaven!
  2. Cooking dinner
    I can't cook to save my life - so he cooks almost everyday. And he cooks AMAZINGLY!
  3. Not only cooking dinner - but cooking to MY preferences
    Not only dos he cool - he cooks exactly to MY taste. And he knows and appreciates all my food quirkiness - no wilted vegetables, crisp well done stuff, etc!
  4. If he won't cook, he'll pick!
    I hate picking food on the end of the day. So Dave offers to do it - and NEVER fails to always pick the best food for that day. He guesses my own appetite!
  5. Coffee and Breakfast!
    He always brews the coffee in the morning and brings to me as I get up. That, people, is gold.
  6. He'll pick the trips and organize them
    I can organize things 10 minutes in advance. Dave can plan 10 holidays in a row, picking the best places and best deals. I just have to show up and accept.
  7. When he takes sleeping pills, he goes on cleaning sprees.
    Normally, Dave is very clean. Pn slipping pills, he goes on amazing cleaning sprees before going to bed.
  8. He remembers EVERYTHING!
    For someone like me, whose memory is almost non-existent, he keeps me sane by remembering everything he's ever heard or seen in his LIFE.
  9. Even if he didn't do all of these things, I'd still love him dearly and forever!
    Because I know you are reading this :)