Things I Say to My Yorkie Zelda With Translations

  1. Go pee, poo! (Please make weewee in the pad and not under the dining room table AGAIN!)
  2. Zelda, you're a poo. (Zelda, you are an adorable creature with a high degree of sophistication)
  3. Zelda, you're the poo. (Zelda, you are the savior creature of the Universe, brought to bring the new age of love and prosperity)
  4. Zelda, you're a poo dog. (Zelda, you're poo are stinky and your butt smells)
  5. You want a treat!?! (You have no idea what you did right but I will reward you for being adorable)
  6. Cacanini Zelda!! (Zelda, what's your opinion on the current world affairs?)
  7. Zelda, who is that!?!? (I know you act all tough when people are outside the door, but you will pee yourself of excitement if they came in a petted you right before robbing the house)
  8. Zelda, my pooooooo! (I love you like chocolate cake that has all flavor, no calories)