1. "Yea I'm the brown hottie with the body looking like Rum Spice"
  2. "My hair defying gravity, melanin so high, opacity"
  3. "They see your girl looking like a Flamingo" (is this relevant? I think so)
  4. "You won't even get a grip of a tit...can't blame me I'm a sexy ass bitch"
  5. "Hocus pocus pussy make your man disappear"
  6. "It's my world, you can't do what you want - I pay a phone bill everyday"
  7. "It's a full time job fucking loving ya self"
  8. "You wasn't with me at my christening, now you wanna link up cause I'm glistening"
  9. "Spicy ass Jamaican bitch, you can get your chicken jerked"
  10. "Push the wig back, pulled out my Afro pick, combing my shit out watching Moesha on Centric"