1. Ava Duvernay's ARRAY initiative is the reason it's available on Netflix
  2. If you're from the U.S. you've probably only had white, western films shoved down your throat lately and it's time for something different
  3. It displays an authentic portrait of a young, modern African woman
    And many other types of modern African people
  4. It DOES NOT display a faceless, nameless African continent ravaged by violence
    I loved BEASTS but it did nothing but perpetuate stereotypes about Africa as a wasteland of war and hopelessness.
  5. The acting is phenomenal
  6. The cinematography is excellent
    There are even some vibrant, animated scenes. So much color. Framing is perfect. It's really pretty.
  7. The chemistry between Ayanda and David is crazy fun to watch
  8. It's directed by a woman
  9. It provides a commentary on South Africa
    And the African people that travel to Johannesburg in hopes of a bright future
  10. It's just a really good love story at its core
    A love story about young Africans across the continent and their love of their identities