1. Amazing how far (and how quickly) a dude will travel for a 15 minute fuck.
    Responses to other needs, not so much.
  2. White people will never get it.
    Never. And I just wanna be free.
  3. My crush is not into me, romantically.
    It's fine.
  4. Happiness just can't be a constant state.
    That shit takes too much work. I don't have the energy.
  5. I'm going to die.
    The idea of not existing is terrifying. I need to find religion.
  6. People I love are going to die.
    This might be more terrifying than the aforementioned point. I don't wanna have to deal with the pain, again.
  7. There's a huge chance everything could go to shit.
    Yea I'm getting a degree and have some money saved up, but literally anything can happen. How many can say they foresaw jail, homelessness and other terrible outcomes in their futures?
  8. It could all be for nothing.