1. Present my case
    I was reading this self help book (for a class of course), and the author says to avoid unrequited love/obsession one must present their case to the object of their affection with no expectations. I will do this. Maybe.
  2. Maybe date or something?
    I don't even know how one does this.
  3. Read more books
    So much inspiration and wisdom and entertainment on pages.
  4. Treat writing like a job
    Write. Write religiously. Write methodically. Write on a schedule. Write with deadlines.
  5. Do yoga
  6. Meditate
  7. Tell my friends I love them more
  8. Meet/hang out with more young creatives
    'Cause I just wanna be around good energy, you know?
  9. Travel more
    I want to go somewhere with winter weather and stay in a cabin or something. I want to go someplace hot, too.
  10. Spend less time on social media
    This might be the only impossible thing on the list.
  11. Create a website
    So people can see all my shit 🎬
  12. Go to stand up comedy shows
    Just cause I'm into shit like that and I'm finally old enough to go.
  13. See Jazmine Sullivan perform live
    And just more intimate singing concerts in general.
  14. Be more spontaneous
    And less fearful of consequences...
  15. Assert my adulthood around my mom
    She be scaring me, though.
  16. Complete both of the feature screenplays I started in 2015
    Complete drafts of two totally new screenplays, too.
  17. Try different liquors
    Not sure what my drink of choice is 🤔
  18. Explore more. Ya know, in certain areas
  19. Call all of my grandmothers more
    I have 2 living great grandmothers and 2 grandmothers.
  20. Teach Mason as much as possible
    Take him to museums and shows. Give him vocabulary words. Read him books. Introduce him to good music. Introduce him to new activities.
  21. Savemoney
    'Cause I graduate in June and who knows where I'll end up.
  22. Be kind
    I want to be as nice as possible to the people I meet. It makes me happy and it helps people out.