BITCH! It's so fucking good.
  1. He has an acoustic trap hit
    Guess who's playing the guitar though - FUCKING BABYFACE!! Jfjfjhhggdddhiojdds
  2. A Jagged Edge feature
    In which they remix their own song 'Let's Get Married'. Shit is so perfect.
  3. Here's some of the other features
    Future, Kanye, E-40, R. Kelly, Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Rae Srmmirdjfj, Brandy, James Fauntleroy, Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, YG...
  4. A Diddy monologue
    A Diddy monologue is a Diddy monologue. He also says, "Sometimes something loves you, and you don't love it back"
  5. 'Guard Down'
    This song is all about black women and black men protecting each other.
  6. R Kelly Calls Himself A Sex Producer
    Lights, Camera, Action in this bitch
  7. 'Miracle' is a negro spiritual
    I mean it feels like the shit that got us through slavery, fr.
  8. Hood Sex Playlist
    The whole album. He did this for the hoes. And we appreciate him.
  9. Did I mention BABYFACE?!????