1. 9/10/11am:
    Wake up. Whenever my body is ready.
  2. 11-11:15am:
    Scratch my ass, yawn, snapchat my friend (we're trying to get the 💯 trophy)
  3. 11:15-12:15pm:
    Surf Twitter, Instagram, my Pocket feed, Tumblr and Apple news.
  4. 12:15-1pm:
    Boil 2 eggs. Eat them. Attempt to make coffee in my Kuerig an then realize I left all of my K-Cups at school.
  5. 1-5pm:
    This is a blur. I nap, watch TV and movies. I nap again. I snack. I nap.
  6. 5-6:30pm:
    Commune with my mother and grandmother.
  7. 6:30-10pm:
    Watch movies with my mother.
  8. 10-12:30am:
    I usually read. Or do some writing on a play I'm starting.