These are responses to films and self help books we analyze in class as well as general opinions. SN: to the ppl who will date/love these men, I'm so sorry.
  1. "That isn't art. She's just insecure. And I've found that most artists are insecure."
    What? No more insecure than your dumb, non creating ass. And it was art.
  2. "It wasn't that bad of a relationship. I hated her because there was no reason for her to cheat."
    People don't always cheat cause it's terrible, dumbass. Of course your average, boring ass wouldn't understand that she needed some spice in her life.
  3. "All of the guys in this film are totally unrealistic."
    Just because you're not faithful, kind, interesting men, doesn't mean they don't exist. Morons.
  4. "You can't blame people for their ignorance."
  5. "I find stuff like trigger warnings, useless. We're just so sensitized to that stuff."
    Yea rape, sexual assault, violence, all of that is so fucking normal.
  6. "Cheating shouldn't really mean that much. Stay in the moment."
  7. "Science is science. These are facts."
    Yea, the ideology of the time has absolutely NO influence on science. 😊