1. Yes, R. Kelly is a musical genius.
    12 Play, Chocolate Factory, all of that - it's classic. I also cried when he let balloon doves fly at Pitchfork a couple years ago. Smh.
  2. Yes, it's impossible not to grab the nearest person and step when 'Happy People' comes on.
    I get it, I really do.
  3. But it's not okay to ignore the young black women and girls he's harmed.
    We all know the stories. These are our sisters, our nieces, our aunts, our daughters, our friends - we must not ignore their trauma.
  4. Saying it was long ago is harmful.
    The latest allegations against R. Kelly were well after the 90s. Do your research.
  5. Saying other black entertainers were abusers but we didn't bother them is harmful.
    Black girls and women matter. And everyone - entertainers, politicians, plumbers - should be punished for their crimes against us.
  6. Saying it has nothing to do with the music is harmful.
    Supporting him monetarily and promoting the idea of him as a benevolent Uncle type ignores the lives he's ruined.
  7. It's time to turn the music down and talk about R. Kelly's actions.
    'Cause that Boondocks episode was really fucking real. And that's sad.